Nouvelles: 21.08.2023 dans Généralement

Hydrogen is an elementary component for the success of energy revolution. 
Especially in the industry and in the mobility sector climate neutrality is rarely possible without this universal and storable energy source.

Being a part of the network, we offer our expertise for the establishment of the hydrogen economy.

We manufacture solely in our works in Aachen gas warning systems and gas analyzers for several applications. 
In the electrolysis sector customers worldwide are using our gas transmitters. 

The GTR 210 EX GOW 0-2 Vol. % H2 in O2 is operated in the O2 stream and detects intrusion of H2
The GTR 210 EX TOX 0-4.8 Vol. % O2 in H2 is operated in the H2 stream and detects intrusion of O2

Gas transmitters for H2 leakage detection also belong to our production program (fields of application: e.g. petrol stations, engine test beds, stocks).