Log & View Software

Software de recolha de dados
Log & View Software


The ADOS Log & View software is suitable for recording, observation and printing, the measured values and events that occur with ADOS gas warning and monitoring equipment that support the "ADOS Log & View" (MWS 903) protocol.


  • On-line recording or call-up of more than 1000 measured values (1 sensor) saved in memory
  • Starting a measurement from the PC
  • Reading and setting the equipment time
  • Reading and setting the interval time
  • Export of data in the .csv format
  • Save, export and print of equipment messages including alarm messages
  • Data logging of upto 99 devices
  • Printout of charts
  • Scaling on chart axes can be set manually or fully automatic scaling can be applied
  • Languages available: English, German and French
  • Readout of equipment parameters
  • Straightforward, easy handling of data, irrespective of the quantity of data
  • Recognition of connection errors or equipment failure

System Requirements

Equipment (Units): ADOS Log & View compatible
Number of units: 1 to a maximum of 99
Interfaces: 1 or more, RS232 or USB-RS232
Operating system: Windows 98, 2000, 7 or XP
RAM: 64MB minimum
Processor: PII-266 MHz or higher
Display: 1024 x 768 pixels (min.)
Harddisk: at least 5 MB free

Chart Printout

Read-out of Equipment Parameters