Fields of Application

Ventilation Engineering

Tiefgaragen in Wohn- und Geschäftshäusern

  • Fields of application:
    Underground car parks in apartment blocks and business premises;
    road tunnels (CO, NOX);
    monitoring the CO2 concentration in conference rooms;
    monitoring filter systems for breakdown
  • Our customers:

    Cactus Howald (Luxembourg)
    Parc du Canal (Luxembourg)
    Atlantic Hotel Münster
    Celler Parkbetriebe GmbH
    Tiefgarage Roller Offenbach

Breweries + Champagne Producers

Brauereien und Sektkellereien

  • Fields of application:
    CO2 and O2 measurment
  • Our customers:
    Bitburger (Germany)
    Brau-Union (Austria)
    Cölner Hofbräu P. Josef Früh KG (Germany)
    Hasseröder Brauerei (Germany)
    Pott's Brauerei Oelde (Germany)

Motor Vehicle Industry

Automobilindustrie Anwendungsbereiche

  • Fields of application:
    Paint shops: Monitoring organic solvents (toluene)
    Motor and brake test beds CO, NOX, SO2, CnHm, H2
    Emission measurements
  • Our customers:
    Audi (Germany)
    BMW (Germany)
    FEV Motorentechnik (Germany, China)
    Ford (Germany, USA)
    Haden (Great Britain)
    Opel (Germany)
    Toyota (France)
    Visteon (France)
    Volkswagen (Germany)



  • Fields of application:
    Measurement systems for biogas
  • Our customers:
    C.E.A. (Italy)
    Shandong Minghe Poultry Biogas Plant (China)
    Biomasse-Heizkraftwerk Hünenberg (Switzerland)
    Hühnerhof Terhorst (Germany)
    Biogas Technology BV (Netherlands)
    Rainborrow Farm Poundbury (GB)
    Wyke Farms (GB)
    Rhön Energiesysteme (Germany)
    TS-Umweltanlagenbau (Germany)


  • Fields of application:
    Mineral oil
  • Our customers:
    RWTH-Aachen (Germany)
    Grünenthal (Germany)
    Bode Chemie (Germany)
    Vetter Pharma (Germany)
    Lindt & Sprüngli (Germany)
    Uni Mainz (Germany)
    Uni Münster (Germany)



  • Fields of application:
    Electrolysis, leakage detection
  • Our customers:
    Teledyne Energy Systems (USA)
    Scribner (USA)
    Hydrogenics Corporation / Cummins Power Systems (Canada)
    McPhy Energy (Italy)
    Air Liquide Electronics (Germany)
    Ecoclean GmbH (Germany)

Workplace Protection


  • Fields of application:
    MWC-monitoring – Controlling the workplace concentration limits
    explosion protection
  • Our customers:
    Hutchinson (Germany, France)
    Mapa in Liancourt (France)
    Procter & Gamble (world-wide)
    Volkswagenwerk Emden (Germany)

Activated Carbon Filter


  • Fields of application:
    Monitoring the breakthrough of solvents (Process control + Emission monitoring)
  • Our customers:

    Beiersdorf (Germany)
    Prinovis (Germany, Great Britain)
    Nitrochemie AG (Switzerland)

Liquid Gas Stores


  • Fields of application:
    LPG (butane + propane)
  • Our customers:
    Linde (Austria)
    Praxair (Spain) 

Sewage Plants


  • Fields of application:
    H2S, CO2, CH4, O2, H2
  • Our customers:
    Minden (Germany)
    Heidelberg (Germany)

Cold-storage Depots


  • Fields of application:
    Leakage monitoring of NH3, CO2 and Freon
  • Our customers:
    Amberger Kühltechnik (Germany)
    GfKK (Germany)
    Johnson Controls (Germany)



  • Fields of application:
    Ships with LNG, LPG and LFL propulsion systems
    LNG, CNG, oil and chemical tankers
    Cruise ships
  • Our customers:
    Fassmer-Werft (Germany)
    eCap Marine GmbH (Germany)