For more than 100 years our medium-sized company stands for innovation in gas analysis, gas warning and environmental protection.

We produce for nearly all the fields of application, transportable gas-measuring items and stationary gas-measuring systems, which can measure and detect by use of high-sensitive detectors a multitude of hazardous substances in smallest concentrations and therewith warn the people in time.

Our specialists offer all over the world expert advice, first-class installation as well as a reliable service on site.

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ADOS GTR 210 Ex with SIL 1 & IP 66

GTR 210

GTR 210 | Short Info

The gas transmitter ADOS GTR 210 is suitable for continuous measurement of gases in normal areas and areas where there are risks of explosion.
Available basic versions:

  • Ex-version: with current interface 4-20 mA
  • Standard: 4-20 mA or LON®-4-wire techniques
  • Comfort: 4-20 mA, with additional changeover contacts for alarms and failure

Ados GTR 210 Ex DiagrammBy employing 6 different types of sensor, noxious, explosive and non-combustible gases and vapours can be measured...

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