Biogas 401

Multi-Channel Gas Analyser
Biogas 401


The Biogas analyser monitors either continuously or intermittently, the gas components contained in the Biogas and optionally, monitors the surrounding air to provide an early warning of dangerous, explosive and non-combustible gases and vapours.


  • Use of various types of measurement sensor
  • Direct indication of a warning state on an LC-display with coloured background lighting
  • Menu-assisted operation via 2 keys
  • 3 alarm levels, independently adjustable from 5 -100% of the test range selected
  • 3 floating alarm outputs for driving external warning and control equipment
  • Floating contact connections for fault and mains failure
  • Serial interface output, RS 232 or RS 485
  • 4-20 mA current interface
  • Various types of housing available, e.g. 19" rack system, wall-mounting cabinet
  • Up to 6 measurement channels per unit
  • 1 card as Master, for controlling intermittent operation Biogas measurement time and test interval
  • Extreme service reliability
  • Low current consumption
  • Peltier cooling element with condensate pump
  • Flow-through adjustement
  • Gas components - filter system and conditioning
  • Water sensor for the detection of condensate break-through
  • Modular construction

  • Monitoring of more than one measuring point possible

Fields of Application

  • Monitoring of Biogas components
  • Warning of explosive gas mixtures
  • Warning of gases that endanger health
  • Warning of non-combustible gases
  • Dedicated for processes with high humidity levels
  • Multiple use for alarm values

Measurable gases

Gas Formula
Hydrogen sulphide H2S
Methane CH4
Oxygen O2
Carbon dioxide CO2
Hydrogen H2

other gases by request

Technical Data

Details apply, per control unit
Sensors: Electrochemical sensors
Infrared sensors
Paramagnetic sensors
Sensor input: 2-wire sensors (TOX 592) or
3-wire sensors (GTR 196)
for warning of explosive
gas mixtures
Sensor supply: 24 V DC / 200 mA
Test ranges:

CO2: 0 - 50 Vol.%
CH4: 0-100 Vol.%
O2: 0 - 21 Vol.%
(optionally continuous)

H2: 0 - 0,2 ... 2 Vol. %
H2S: 0 - 50 ppm ... 0 - 5.000 ppm
(only discontinuous)
other ranges by request
Accuracy: ± 3 %, f.s.d.
Ambient temperature: +5 °C to ±45 °C
Temperature effects: < 5 % for a ±20 °C change
Installation: Wall-mounting
Output signals: Current output 4-20 mA
RS 232 or RS 485 interface
For each measurement channel:
3 alarm relays
1 fault relay
Relay rating: 230 V, 450 VA
Voltage supply:
230V / 50Hz
110V / 60Hz
Power consumption: 100 VA
(W x H x D):
600 x 478 x 500 mm (9HU)
Weight: approx. 60 kg


External peltier gas cooler, Signal horn, warning light, warning banner.


Other accessories will be offered, according to the measurement tasks required.