Bio Gas Analysis

Multi Channel Gas Analyser for Fermentation

Measurement principle: Electrochemical reaction, infrared analysis
Measuring ranges: - 50 Vol% CO2, 0 - 100 Vol% CH4,
0 - 21 Vol% O2, 0-2 Vol% H2; 0-500 ppm ... 0-5000 ppm H2S
Measuring components: CH4, H2S, CO2 (optionally continuous)
H2S, H2 (only discontinuous)
Types of equipment: Biogas 401, Biogas 905

Infrared Gas Analysis System for Composting

Measurement principle: Non-dispersive infrared analysis
Measuring ranges: 0-3000 ppm to 0-100 Vol%
Measuring components: CO2
Types of equipment: ITR 504