Production Program

Physical Gas Analysis

Physikalische Gasanalyse

Heat Reaction, Flame Ionisation, Thermal Conductivity, Electrochemical Reaction, Infrared Analysis, Gas Measurement and Gas Warning Sensors. More »


Flue Gas Analysis


Flue Gas Analyser. More »


Accessories for Gas Analysis

Zubehör Gasanalyse

Space probes, gas samplers, filters, washers, Peltier coolers, driers, manual change-over switches, .... More »


Recorders, Indicators, Counters, Software

Schreiber, Anzeiger, Zähler, Software 

More »

Bio Gas Analysis


Multi Channel Gas Detector for Fermentation, Infrared Gas Analysis System for Composting. More »


pH Measurement


Thermocouples, Resistance Thermometers, Relative and Absolute Humidity, pH - Measured Value Transducer, Accessories. More »


Ion-selective measurement

Ion-selective measurement

Ion-selective measurement. More »


Electrical Transducers and Ancillaries

Elektrische Messumformer und Zusatzgeräte

Transducers, Computing Circuit, Auxiliary Limit value monitor, Air Pollution Control Computer, Summation Circuit. More »